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"After interviewing five management companies with a consultant, we chose Income Property Management to manage our apartment complex of 239 units. We were impressed by the professionalism and experience of the team that IPM presented to us. We had intended to use our consultant through the transition period from our previous management company, but it became immediately clear that was unnecessary.

Income Property Management has provided us with the expertise and care that the property requires and that we, as owners, greatly appreciate. They are keenly aware of how we want the property run and the quality of work we expect to maintain and improve the value of our apartment complex. IPM keeps us informed and of improvement needed and cost comparison for our approval. Weekly reports are on time and everyone on the team has made themselves available to us on a moments notice.

We are very happy to have you on board. "

- Trudy Morrison
Owner – Parkwest Apartments

“We have benefited from IPM’s integral management systems such as: timely accounting statements, responsive administrative personnel and the active involvement of the Assistant Portfolio Manager.

My partner and I appreciate how IPM has customized our individual management services as they directly pertain to our buildings. Two of the buildings are listed on the historic register and have unique needs that are handled with poise.

I would like to compliment Kirby and IPM on your ability to attract and retain quality individuals for our on-site management needs. We would attest this ability to the continual training and support of the managers and maintenance teams. In addition, we appreciate the ability for IPM to implement new ideas from the direction of owners like us. One example is, on our suggestion, you added medical benefits and 401k to on site managers. As a result the properties have benefited from highly skilled, long-term employees.

Also, I’d like to commend you and your staff for staying in tune with the market and adjusting rents to market trends while closely monitoring expenses. It is important to us that your firm offers such a professional management service. Again, we thank you for all you do.”

- Glen Davis
Owner - The Commodore, The Winston, The Gentry, Union Arms

“After carefully reviewing proposals from three competing companies, we chose IPM to implement a business plan to completely renovate and reposition our two apartment buildings in the local market. As part of this process IPM was instrumental in interviewing and hiring contractors and vendors, making recommendations for marketing the units for rent, and replacing the on-site staff.

The renovations to each building exceeded our expectations as the Portfolio Managers completed the scope of work on time and within the budget. They have also achieved and exceeded our goals for after-renovation income, re-renting the units to incoming students at rent levels that are substantially higher than we had experienced under the direction of the previous management team.

In addition, we have found IPM to be a pleasure to work with. Their team communicated well and is on top of every aspect of operations in their role as Portfolio Managers.”

- Dean Mcgregor
Owner – Savoy Apartments